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New album comming soon!

2009-04-16 10:33:28 by mortegor

Right now you can listen to one song from next album, and I also include cover (it may change a bit). New albym will be longer, more variety and it will propobly include some vocals. I don't know when i'll relese it but it may be soon so stay tuned. \m/

edit: I decided to hold on that relese and practise my skills with making music... but who cares anyway xP

New album comming soon!


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2009-04-16 10:58:13

Not much people will want an album of songs made with Fl Studio with Fl Slayer

mortegor responds:

I know but it will be aviable for free. So someone who like it will download it, others don't even have to listen to it. I have few people who like my music and I'm relesing it for them.


2009-04-19 09:20:01

Ok then fair enough dude ;)